Instructions for Using a La-Tee-Da Fragrance Lamp

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Written instruction on how to use your La-Tee-Da Lamp

  1. Place your La Tee Da fragrance lamp on a safe stable surface. Remove the top openwork shade and the snuffer cap .
  2. Fill your lamp no more than 2/3 full with fuel. Carefully wipe any fuel off the surface of your lamp. (Caution: the fuel is alcohol based and may harm the finish on furniture. Wipe up any spills immediately. Most kitchen counter tops are a good place to fill your lamp.)
  3. Insert the wick that is attached to the stone burner into the lamp. Check the burner and insert it fully into the neck. Before the first use, replace the snuffer cap and leave the wick to soak up fuel for approximately 15-20 minutes.
  4. Light the stone burner using a lighter or match. Let the open flame to burn for 2 minutes. Warning: never put the shade over the open flame.
  5. After about 2 minutes, blow out the flame. (This does not stop your lamp from working as the alcohol will continue to combust catalytically.)
  6. Your lamp should now be working. (You should be able to feel warmth rising from the shade and you should smell the fragrance, if not repeat the lighting process.) Be careful not touch the burner during use. Replace the openwork shade over the burner. Set the snuffer cap aside as it will be used later to stop the lamp from working. 30 to 45 minutes burn time will refresh a room of 30 to 70 square feet.

Putting out your La-Tee-Da Lamp: To stop your lamp remove the shade and place the snuffer cap over the burner. Replace the open-work shade on the lamp.

Caution: Some lamp models may have a shade that differs in shape and material from the one shown in the instructions. Follow the same steps for these.

Other tips: Replace the stone wick about once a year or every 250 uses. Keep your lamp and fuel safe from children. If the fuel is swallowed, seek medical attention. Never operate your lamp without La-Tee-Da fuel. When your lamp is not in use, ensure the snuffer cap is on the burner. This prevents the evaporation of the fuel.