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Happy Wax Fresh Mix Wax Melts

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Maker: Happy Wax

Product ID: 26576

Fresh Mix wax melts by Happy Wax contain a mix of Lemon Verbena (yellow), Fresh Cotton (off-white), and Baby Powder(baby blue) wax melts. This combination of little bears (the size of gummy bears) are made of vegetable-based, all-natural soy wax and satisfy the need for fresh, clean fragrance. The Fresh Mix gives you so many fragrance combinations to try, and experiment with to find your custom scent. Fresh Mix wax melts contain only 100% soy wax (made from American soybeans), natural fragrances, and dye. Infused with natural essential oils, Fresh Mix delivers fresh fragrances from natural vegetable-based sources. Use 2-3 bear wax melts per use in a classic wax warmer. Each tin of Happy Wax contains 3.6 ounces of scented wax, approximately 25-28 bear melts.
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