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Claire Burke Applejack & Peel

The inviting aroma of Applejack & Peel makes it one of Claire Burke's best loved scents. It is popular year round. Applejack & Peel captures the welcoming pleasure of sipping apple cider steeped with cinnamon, spices and a bit of citrus peel. Give your home a gracious, warm and welcoming ambiance with Applejack & Peel. Buy this true classic fragrance today. Claire Burke new warmer units and refills are here now ! These Warmer Units and Refills are not compatible with previous versions of Claire Burke® Electric Fragrance Warmer Units or Refills.
The Applejack & Peel name comes from a drink that was once popular in colonial America. Applejack is made from hard apple cider. After normal fermentation, regular hard apple cider is freeze distilled. Since water freezes at a higher temperature than alcohol, the cider is placed outdoors in winter and as ice crystals form they are scooped out. The resulting drink is an apple brandy that has an alcohol content as high as 40 proof. This distilling method does not require any special equipment so applejack can be made in small batches. Obviously, our Applejack & Peel is not meant to be consumed but its scent is so good you might wish you could drink it!

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