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La-Tee-Da Lamps and Fuels La-Tee-Da established its popularity with effusion lamps, which use a unique stone-wick that burns alcohol-based fuel, creating a flameless combustion that quickly banishes stubborn odors. If you struggle with stubborn pet, cigar or cooking odors that tend to linger, La-Tee-Da is a remarkably effective solution. P.C. Fallon Co. is proud to offer the largest selection and best prices on La-Tee-Da effusion lamps, lamp fuel and fragrance generators. La-Tee-Da's newest sensation, the Ooh La Lamp, offers flattering light and wonderful, long-lasting fragrance with no flame, no wax, and no mess. 16 oz fuels just $8.49 - 32 oz fuels just $13.99

La-Tee-Da is your solution for stubborn odors caused by pets, cigars, or damp musty areas. La-Tee-Da lamps are singularly able to banish unpleasant odors and replace them with your choice of many unique fragrances. Try best-sellers like Monogrammed Linens, or Squeaky Clean. If you've never tried an effusion lamp before, you will be amazed at how quickly it works to rid your home of unpleasant odors, replacing them completely with the refreshing fragrance of your choice. These beautiful and decorative effusion lamps are mouth-blown glass, and will enhance your home's decor while improving the ambiance with the lovely fragrance. La-Tee-Da makes dozens of fabulous scents. Video and La-Tee-Da Lamp instructions

In addition to lamps and lamp fuel, we also offer La-Tee-Da's flameless fragrance generator called the Aromalume. Try La-Tee-Da's "Potion" which is a no-mess, water based product for use in tart warmers. And the latest sensation from La-Tee-Da is the Ooh La Lamp, which is another flameless way to enjoy wonderful La-Tee-Da fragrances in settings where flame isn't welcome, including dorms, offices, classrooms, assisted living centers, and more.

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