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Set a wonderful ambiance in your home with fragrance. Enhance your home or office with appealing fragrances. Choose from evocative, appealing fragrances from top brands like Claire Burke, Archipelago Botanicals, La-Tee-Da and Yankee Candle. Select from room sprays, candles, soy wax candles, fragrance diffusers, potpourri, home fragrance oils, effusion lamps, electric plug-ins, wax melts, wax tarts, and more. P.C. Fallon offers you a wonderful selection and great prices of hundreds of fabulous home fragrances.

We have additional home fragrances offered in our Crabtree & Evelyn Bath and Body selection.

Home Fragrance

Environmental and home fragrance has the power to influence your moods and impressions. Scents can immediately evoke feelings of calm and comfort, while other scents invigorate the senses, and enliven the mind and body. Fragrance in your home or office is also important because it expresses your personality and unique taste, and encourages a positive first impression from guests or clients.

There are so many options to consider when choosing a fragrance delivery system. If you desire continued, yet localized fragrance, then a reed diffuser, electric fragrance warmer, or potpourri are excellent choices. Once initiated, these fragrancers deliver scents uninterrupted for about 30 days, with no maintenance required. If you enjoy several different scents, and would like to vary the intensity of your home fragrance according to your needs, you will want to try candles, room sprays, simmering oils, effusion lamps, and tart warmers. Although these choices require your presence and involvement, they give you a level of control over the variety and strength of fragrance in your home. We now offer ultrasonic diffusers which can be paired with your choice of essential oils.

If you would like a long-lasting home fragrance that permeates throughout your rooms, nothing compares to the technology of the effusion lamp. This lamp burns an alcohol-based fuel that actually purifies the air while delivering the fragrance. (Some people incorrectly call the fuels "lamp oils.") The lamps use a wick system that burns without an open flame and the fragrance lingers for hours after the lamp is extinguished.

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