Braided Floor Rugs 100% Jute Braided Rugs

Braided Floor Rugs Black, Gray and Ivory With Black Printed Stars

Shop our selection of attractive and durable braided jute rugs in the appealing, classic neutral color combination of black, gray and ivory with black printed stars. The star is one of the most iconic design elements. These braided jute rugs come in many shapes and sizes. Manufactured and imported by Earth Rugs.
Many people concerned about environmental chemicals in their home will choose a jute rug as opposed to a rug created with man-made synthetic fibers. When properly cared for, a jute rug will last for many years. Just like other fine rugs, they can be spot-cleaned when necessary with mild soap. Vacuum normally being sure to first trim any loose fibers that might get caught in the vacuum beaters. Do not machine wash a jute rug.

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