Pre de Provence

Pre de Provence Marseille Soaps

Only soaps created using the traditional ingredients specified by French law are allowed to bear the famous mark Savon de Marseille. Charming cube shape is traditional for Marseille soaps, which are cut by hand and then pressed into molds which imprint the famous mark. We have a large selection of these wonderful, hard-to-find soaps. Choose from the time-honored 300 gram Marseille soap, or the charming Petit Marseille, with the update of a pop of color and fragrance; or the Savon Marseille liquid soaps. All made in France.
Pre de Provence Marseille soaps contain the required 72% pure Olive Oil, making them so pure and gentle that in France, they are used for bathing, shampooing, laundry, and household cleaning - even for bathing babies!

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