La-Tee-Da The Science of Home Fragrance

La-Tee-Da Ooh La Lamps & Fragrance Beads

The Ooh La Lamp and Aroma Crystals from La-Tee-Da are an ideal way to enjoy long lasting irresistible fragrance and twinkling ambiance in your home or office. Choose a single fragrance of Aroma Crystals for your lamp, or mix several in layers for your own personal signature scent. Illuminate your space with a simple, safe, and flattering Ooh La lamp, available in several styles. The Aroma Crystal beads do not soot or melt, and continue to release fragrance for 3-4 weeks, when the lamp is in use for an average of 7 hours per day. An Ooh La Lamp and Fragrance Beads are ideal to use in settings where an open flame is not allowed such as offices, classrooms, nursing homes, dorm rooms, and apartments. Simply pour a container of LaTeeDa Aroma Crystals into the specially designed Ooh La Lamp, and a 15-watt bulb inside a mesh frame warms the Aroma Crystals to release the fragrance. The electrical cord is 4.5 feet long with an inline switch. Replace the crystals after 21 to 30 days. Simply discard the old crystals and pour new Aroma Beads into the beautiful glass vessel. Beads are purchased separately from the lamps (see bottom of page for illustration.)

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