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Archipelago Bath & Body Pomegranate

Juicy and exotic, the pomegranate has garnered accolades in recent years as a super fruit. Harness the power of this luscious fruit, bursting with antioxidants, to battle the enemies of healthy skin such as free radicals. Archipelago Pomegranate bath & body line is full of natural extracts of pomegranate and chamomile, and other nourishing things such as grape seed extract and enzyme boosters which fight free radicals and detoxify. Archipelago Pomegranate sets an industry standard by promoting healthy and smooth skin. Try it, you will love it! (Click here if you are looking for Archipelago Home Fragrance items.)
Archipelago's fabulously fragrant Pomegranate line will cleanse, refresh and replenish your skin. For centuries, the pomegranate has been treasured for its wonderful qualities and they are even mentioned in the Bible as being carved into the decorations of Solomon's Temple. Pomegranate juice is a natural astringent and is packed with vitamins.

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