La-Tee-Da The Science of Home Fragrance

La-Tee-Da La-Tee-Da Lamp Fuels in 32 oz. bottle

Best-selling La-Tee-Da fragrances are available in a value-priced large 32 ounce bottle of fuel. Ounce for ounce, this is your best buy. Many other La-Tee-Da fragrances are offered only in a 16 oz size, so if you don't see your favorites below, please check for them on the 16 oz. fuel page. Click on each fragrance for a description of the scent.
La-Tee-Da is the industry leader in manufacturing fuel for effusion fragrance lamps. These fuels are held to the highest standards for the best results. La-Tee-Da fragrance lamp fuel can also be used in Lampe Berger and other brand lamps. This fuel is 90% alcohol and is used in catalytic stone wick Lampe Berger style lamps invented in France.

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