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La-Tee-Da La Tee Da Lamps

La Tee Da fragrance lamps effectively eliminate unwanted and stubborn odors caused by pets, smoking, or cooking. Unlike regular candles or oil lamps, La-Tee-Da effusion lamps use a special process invented in France many years ago. Rather than spreading the fragrance with an open flame, La Tee Da lamps use a uniquely designed stone and wick that burns alcohol-based fuel that is fragrance enriched. This fuel burns using a special catalytic process that creates a combustion that is only one third the temperature of that of a candle. Each lamp is individually mouth-blown, and no two are alike. Expect variations in the colors, markings, and bubbles, as each lamp is a truly a unique work of art. Our gift to you: P.C. Fallon Co. includes a FREE 16oz bottle of fuel when you buy an effusion lamp. State in the comments section on the checkout page which fragrance you prefer.
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