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La-Tee-Da La-Tee-Da Lamp Fuels in 16 oz. bottle

We're delighted to offer a huge selection of irresistible La-Tee-Da fragrance fuels including top-sellers, seasonal favorites, and all of the newest fragrances. La Tee Da Lamp Fuel is the industry leader in manufacturing fuel for effusion fragrance lamps. These fuels are made to the highest standards to give the best results. This 16 oz size is quite convenient and is preferred by many customers for ease of handling and pouring. Click on each fragrance for a description of the scent.
A select number of the best-selling fragrances are also available in 32 oz size.
La Tee Da fragrance lamp fuel can be burned not only in La Tee Da brand lamps, but also Alexandria, Bella Breeze and Lampe Berger brand lamps. This fuel is 90% alcohol and is for use in catalytic stone wick Lampe Berger style lamps invented in France.

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